When will the housing bubble burst ?

By: Mike Guerra

When will the housing bubble burst ?

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This is a question more often discussed around the water cooler these days than the weather.


And for good reason too because only one word can describe the status of today’s real estate market and that word is…. Crazy!

Well there are a few more words such as unpredictable, unsustainable, discouraging (to first timers) and the list could go on but lets just stick to Crazy for purposes of this Blog. Though experienced in real estate I'm rather new to blogging which I'm enjoying very much. Actually, as I sit here and write my third one! Both real estate and blogging I enjoy at the present time because I get to share my real estate experiences through my blog posts.

Over the years, I've made many various investments in real estate. Being involved in our family business; property management and development, I have a good scope of whats going on with the various types of real estate. I trust sharing some of my experiences will be a benfit to with my readers.

I don’t think there'll be an absolute burst and bottom drop out of the market, actually, I believe that the right measures will be taken by the Government and high ranks associated with the real estate market to create a transition into a cooling off period or stabilizing of rapid growth.

We cannot continue to see gains in property values like we have been seeing in recent months. it just does'nt fit with the rest of the economic growth and can very much lead to more serious issues if it is not attended to.

So the burst will actually be a cool down and realignment of this hot Crazy market back to a regular slower and steady growth pattern!




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